Essential Relto Modifications

I’ve been bringing supplies into my Relto to provide some essentials: energy, food, and water.

Just last week I brought down a pair of solar panels to provide some power for whatever I may need. I’ve
also installed a waterwheel by the waterfall (which, when put through a filter, is also a good source of fresh water) to provide a little extra power, all of which goes into a large capacitor on the hillside for storage for when I need it (which is quite rare since Relto has plenty of light and stays relatively cool).

Relto is unique in that the sun never sets and is always in the same area of the sky. Also, the waterfall is constantly pumping water upwards making it an amazing Age in that it provides a never-ending source of power.

All the food (vegetables, at least) I need I can grow. The soil in Relto is more acidic towards the west side (away from the sun) and less acidic to the eastern side (toward the sun) allowing for a fairly wide variety of plants. One problem is heat. Relto isn’t an extremely warm area so several of my favorite heat-loving vegetables (tomatoes for one) can’t grow well in Relto. However, after importing a cheaply-bought greenhouse kit, you can at least get some decent fruit from heat-loving plants.

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