Shorah b’shemtee

With the prospect of the Restoration coming back online in the next few months (and Authorized explorers possibly picked in the next few weeks) I thought it might be a good idea to start a blog to chronicle what I experience in the cavern. This’ll be my place to talk about my discoveries, my chats, my arguments, my life in the cavern.

So… What’s been up recently for me? Honestly… Not much. The deep city is nearly completely dead. Aside from the odd party or gathering, the city has maybe… 10 people? At most? Maybe a handful more in a hood and one or two still going on the Journey. But, really, there’s no one here. Those in the City aren’t talkative, going on marker missions and finding Bahro stones and leaping on rubble… I just hope everyone is waiting for the restoration of the restoration (ooh, a pun! :p). Or, perhaps some Authorized Explorers have already been picked? Either way they won’t be able to talk about it (I think) until the DRC says so (probably around winter).


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