KI issues

Had a few problems last night with my KI. I’d turned it off and taken it off for about an hour and was going about some experiments in my Eder Gira when Arthur links in telling me Moietay and he could see me as being online and in a neighborhood. I quickly popped open the top plate and blew on the machinery and the hologram lattice a bit until Arthur said he didn’t see me on anymore. Maybe some dust got in it or something.

The whole topic of KI problems has gotten me thinking..

The KIs are just interpreters of the data in the Nexus (which also handles GZ data? I think). So if I could get the KI (or Nexus) to broadcast either to my computer or directly to the internet, I could potentially go online from my KI…

Another thing I’ve always been curious about is that the KIs (not to mention the imager in my Relto) seem to be self-sustaining power-wise. (with the imager I can imagine an underground power source coming from the geyser that makes my waterfall go… But the KI?)

I’ll have to tinker with the extra one I got when the lattice refused to let people in the cavern.. And if that fails, I’m sure Arthur wouldn’t be TOO upset at handing his over… Relatively speaking.


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