Oh my… these last few days have been the best for me in the cavern… Coming into a hood and being able to go exploring with other people makes the whole day seem so much better… Yesterday I went out with a few people to Kadish Tolesa to explore… For some reason, exploring with someone else feels better than alone. As a group, you see more; experience more, than you would alone. You learn new things from others, you think up new questions for why this is or that is and it’s all…amazing.

I’m tired. Tired of sitting and chatting about cats and how many people there are/aren’t in the cavern… Tired of sitting by that blasted hood fountain (which still sounds like it has sparklers on it… odd). Tired of walking into a City where there are five people either not talking, talking once an hour, or speaking in spanish. Tired of sitting in hoods, alone… I grow restless of the cavern, the dead city. One can hope I won’t have to be restless much longer…

On another note, I’m going to head to the surface tomorrow to bring down my laptop. I still have to figure out a good power source for the laptop… I’m not going to be able to do much on power from a five foot high water wheel and a pair of solar collectors…

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