Looks like it works. And from up here I can see most of the hood. Very nice.

That was fairly easy. No real damage done. A few cracks and breaks but in the cavern no one’ll notice… I chose the one with the light above it since I figure it’s restored enough to have power in it for the light (or at least not damaged enough to NOT have it).

Private rooms are interesting. There are more tunnels going back but many of them have support issues and some are simply cut off completely. I found one that’s well supported and installed locks on it as well. One worry I had was that the DRC might break them open. I’ve solved that by the security measures as well as a helpful sign to let the DRC know I have stuff in the room.. They can contact me if they need to get in. Looks like the doors would normally slide down like the museum doors do, so I cleaned up the mechanism and set it so it will work only when I unlock my own locks (if opens by sensing KIs and people, so I wanted to stop it from trying to open itself while the lock was in place for fear of breaking the opening mechanism)

So I’m fairly sure my laptop’s secure. I may move it to a more private area later, but for now it seems fine. Now to work on a power source…

Oh! And Arthur will be pleased to know he can now have contact with the civilized world (though sometimes I wonder if WE the cavern-goers are more civilized than the surface-goers).

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