Alright now… time to think about power sources. I’ve thought about putting a waterwheel in the hood, but after the messing I did with it yesterday, I think I’m going to find somewhere more private to build my generators..

Of course an obvious solution would be Gahreesen. I’m not sure if there are any electrical cables there (I’ve learned not to expect any NORMAL things from the D’ni) but I DO know that there’s a big gear I could use on a gear turbine to generate more power. Maybe that’ll be enough. After all, it’s only a laptop.

I’ll have to do more tests, but I think that should work. Maybe even as a place I could RUN the computer on instead of just storing power to recharge there… If I do, I’ll convert the hood room into a more personal area I can get away to when everyone else is … doing nothing.

Perhaps I’m just letting the pressure of the Authorized Explorers finally get to me…

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