I’ve been meeting with a lot of people recently… still not much more info… let me get what I know down.

-Phil’s KI was confirmed as his. His KI, at least, fell down the Guild Hall structure.
-The DRC has fully excavated the Guild Hall area.
-No one is getting in the Guild Hall area for a while (so we can’t, obviously, check anything. I’m inclined to believe the DRC anyway. I see no reason for them to hide anything.)
-The DRC is unsure as to what collapsed near/on Phil as all they can see is the remnants of a support. This answers why everyone on the DRC has a conflicting story. (I’ve heard bridge collapse, wall collapse, precipice collapse, and probably a few more I can’t remember)
-Nick White and Michael Simpson are still working with the DRC. For some reason the DRC has overlooked their involvement in stealing books and linking stones for Douglas Sharper.

That last point is the one I don’t get. White helped Sharper steal books from his J’taeri pub and Simpson helped steal a linking stone to Gahreesen as well as possibly cover up a portion of the building. Sharper was all about openess from the DRC, yet he tells Simpson to not mention the upper prison area of Gahreesen? So now what action istaken for stealing from the DRC? Nothing. They’ve “mended their ways” or “everyone makes mistakes” or “are good employees.” Baloney! They STOLE from you! Dr. Kodama I can link you to Sharper’s office and SHOW you the entries where Sharper says “The pub is looking good. Very good. DRC has no idea the books were ever there (nice work Nick) and it looks as though they are going to let me have it.”

Speaking of Sharper.. I still haven’t found much new from him. It seems obvious he killed a “Shroomie” one of the lobster/whale fish in Teledahn (not sure what significance this really has. I’m not a hunter, but there’s obviously a lot of the things.. why am I wasting time looking for a fish murderer? Oh well..). It also seems obvious that he stole lots of books. I’ve seen his office on Ae’gura and I doubt that’s all of them. I’ve also heard stories of him blowing up part of the Kahlo Pub to steal more books under the guise of opening a new area. (another version says he used explorers to break open the pub)

I’m also curious as to the books in Gahreesen. I wonder if any have gone “missing” or why the DRC keeps leaving these things around. If they’re going to stop rebellions like Sharper’s again, they’re going to have to get their act together. Anyone can walk into the lockers on Gahreesen and see a good twenty, thirty books; a majority of which are unlocked, unprotected, and lying around. Not that the ones still IN the lockers are safe either as the lockers appear to be easily opened. If they can’t keep their own books under control than that doesn’t bode well for keeping the explorers under control either.


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