Some clarification about Sharper’s involvement in the pub: I’ve been told that Sharper DIDN’T blow up the pub (though it looks like SOMEONE did). All he did was use the explorers to knock in some of the barricades.

Lots of damage in the pub, I can see. No wonder the DRC didn’t think that place was safe. There’s rubble all over the floor, the tables and imagers are broken, there’s a large cave-in near the bar itself. So really the whole pub thing was worthless. Without it being properly restored (along with Kahlo, which I hear the imagers broadcasted from) the area is nothing but a rubble heap. Let’s hope the DRC shuts off access again and restores it properly this time..

The info about the egg rooms is a little stranger.. Laxman didn’t really give a good reason why they kept it shut for so long. Some gibberish about lattice holes. It makes me wonder why they really wanted it shut. A lattice hole wouldn’t be dangerous anymore than a hole in a wi-fi network (since that’s what the KI lattice ammounts to, I believe). Perhaps they just wanted to have a little area to themselves. Or perhaps it did work as a sort of prison for misguided explorers like Phil Henderson. If we had more people locked up in the egg rooms I bet we’d have a much smoother restoration. Or maybe the explorers would all sit on top of the Great Stairs…

Be safe.


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