I’ve added a small disclaimer just so no one confuses Arthur’s opinions with my own… his posts are now set to appear in dark red as well.

We agree on some things. Sharper appears to have stolen things and killed a shroomie (not to mention possibly killing Phil) and for that he has to show a lot more sorrow than a few journal entries he knew were being read before I’ll begin to trust him.

I DON’T think we should be holding explorers hostage in little private rooms in the ‘hoods, though. Yes the DRC needs to try enforcing its rules if they want to make them but we should also be free to wander around the cavern and the ages as we please. If a place is dangerous, get the explorers to help. No need to go locking people up because they disagree with you..


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One Response to Disclaimer

  1. Arthur Kalnins says:

    I wasn’t saying we should lock everyone up as hostages. Just lock up trouble-makers like Phil or Sharper. It would end all these little rebellions against an overwhelmed DRC..

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