I looked in at the Gahreesen mechanisms I’d like to transfer power from. The gear teeth are a bit far away from each other so I’ll have to either build a large gear to connect to the generator shaft (NOT easy) or put the generator shaft through the middle of the gear (ALSO not easy). I’m going to have to set up a few batteries to store the power when I’m not using it either.

With all the exploring and waiting and being lonely…ing I think I’ve been neglecting to take care of some of my Ages. A couple nights ago I checked in on Teledahn and the litle aquarium with the baby flappers in it was sort of scummy. I quickly changed their water and installed a new filtration system. So I have happy flappers and a large project to get started on (not to mention I’m still working on designs for a large geothermal vent in Gira)

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