Wow… getting an internet connection down here and looking around on the forums really has given me a bad feeling about this restoration… everyone’s sitting around arguing outside the cavern, debating what this means or that means or whatever. In short: the explorers aren’t exploring. I’m sure most have lives on the surface they need to take care of, but they should come down to the cavern once in a while and debate things here. If this keeps up, no one’s going to fund this. I don’t think I have any chance of meeting Brian Fioca down here… even if I did I doubt he’d have any more info since he leads the Great Tree group which has been my primary source of information for the last few months.

I think I’m allergic to the flowers in Kemo. Everytime I link there, I start sneezing and getting dizzy. I have some spore allergies so it could have something to do with the “puffers” in the age…

Oh who am I kidding, it could be the puffers or the “trooms” or the creaking trees or any of the other fifty-thousand pollen-making things in the age..

Be safe.


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