I’ve just linked back with most of the supplies I’ll be needing. I decided to not get steel this trip since it’s pretty expensive. I’m going to at least try and find some way to use D’ni materials (nara, deretheni, etc.) instead. If I could get my hands on one of the D’ni fusion compounders I could make my own rock… I’ll have to see. Until then I’ll make due with the stuff I have…

I did some late night tests of the Gahreesen generator. I decided to see if I could hook up the laptop to the Gahreesen power itself, not just build another generator. Unfortunately it seems a little overloaded. I plugged my laptop in and the controls went wild, dimming and popping. Meanwhile I heard the devices they controlled jostling around. The doors near me started wildy opening and shutting like a big Whilyam press… then the power went off. So I had to get the power back on. I think the lights in the building are either self-powering or on a seperate grid since they didn’t go off when the power died.

When I think about it, it’s not surprising that the power died so suddenly. The laptop takes a fair amount of juice. Figure Gahreesen’s power didn’t have to power much. The doors and the elevators. I may, if that’s the case, shut off the elevators.


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