Uru again…

Wow… I saw some PEOPLE in the City tonight. (Jumping on the tent, which I’m sure Arthur would have them carted off to be locked suspended over the Gira lava fields for) I just had to snap a picture. To see so many people (there were more not in the photo) feels good.

I’m putting the Gira construction on hold for now. I’ve got enough power when the Gahreesen system is up and running. I’m not sure how much more power Gahreesen can produce, so I’m not going to be trying out things like refridgerators or anything like that anytime soon. Considering I overloaded it with a single laptop I doubt it’ll hold anything more. The same goes for the Kemo lightning conductors. I’ll start construction of those probably when the restoration starts up again.

Now… it’s time to get to Eder Gira and go to bed…


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