Another great impromptu party in an Age tonight. Wonderful.. I think a few of the others there began to realize how great it is to meet up in other Ages. It makes me wish there were more accessible public Ages around instead of all these private Ages (though I fear some people might think my Kemo lightning conductors might clash with the decor).

It was a great little gathering. We ran around and chased for explorer-made marker missions, explored, and stood around when the temple elevator broke 😛

Still… I would prefer this to sitting around in that dusty hood idling again.

News on the forums that Rand Miller was in the Town Hall ‘hood showing it to a “Trent.” Perhaps he’s from Gametap. Maybe tomorrow’ll bring news about more funding? I just hope we get Authorized Explorers working again soon. It seems everyone is itching to get started. And why not? It’s only been two years.


P.S. Pardon for the problems with the KI pic. Out of Cavern pictures seem to have some bad distortion. Even ones from in the Cavern are a bit distorted. Probably the interference Laxman talked about… along with a few years of dust collected on the lattice.

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