D’ni and the Town Hall

News from the Town Hall (if you haven’t found the KI logs yet) is that Authorized Explorers will begin coming down sometime next week. Also, the cavern will be fully operational by Christmas of this year. Quite a tall order compared to the last batch of Authorized Explorers (which had… a year or so if I remember correctly).

Something I’ve been doing in my spare time is learning D’ni. At least the letters. I’ve tried translating the King names in the Palace and came up with some interesting results.

The first king, Ri’neref, I’d always pronounced REE neh REF. However, when converted from D’ni to English, the characters spell it RIH neh REF. The same with Demath (who I’d pronouced DEH mahth). Demath is spelled DIH math. The strangest one is Yableshan (I pronouced it YAH buhl SHAHN). The D’ni lettering spelled it out as YAH bleh SHAHN.

It’s fun wandering around D’ni finding D’ni sentences and phrases and words and translating them. The one no one can decifer is an old one spread around the hoods and the Library in the City. “Rehbahntahno tehneeehn shehmtee” The longest being four lines of text I found on an old picture of the design on the floor of the Hall of Kings:

“.Rehaetihnohrohkh reh”
“Tehr kehnehn t’ahlohn”
“Rohohb rehgehrahnohkh”
“Reh tehr kehnehn t’nayohn”

“.The (aetihnohr) of the”
“tree to be (ehn*) in/by/with (ah) to discover”
“people (ohb) the (gehrahn) of”
“the tree to be (ehn*) {in/by/with} root {his/her/its}”

*3rd person singular suffix

Possible translation:
“The (people/city) of the tree to be discovered by the people (of) the (surface) of the tree to be with its root)

And what my D’ni translator gives me:
“the (aetinor) of the tree be in (ahlohn) people (ob) the (gehrahn) of the tree be in its root.”

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