Had a good night tonight… There were a good amount of people in the City. Met with JWPlatt. Good man.

After most everyone left I decided to go down to the docks and try conesitting. I found a nice cone, positioned it and leapt onto it, waving my arms to keep it balanced until at last it I was stable enough to sit down. I sat there for a long time, listening to the water at the docks, watching people run around, smelling the smells of the old, deep City… tasting the eagerness of all to see the Restoration come back again. Like JWPlatt said, everyone is away from the City, celebrating. We all won, as he said. Won back our City, our world, our Restoration.

We often hear from Yeesha about how restoring D’ni is a restoration of hearts. Yet… in the City, at that time, hearts were not important. Factions past, present and future were worthless; nothing but the squawking of birds at my feet. Tempers, rages, sorrow, joy, elation; smiles and cheers, frowns and tears all were unimportant. Nothing compared to the beauty and the silence and the peace of that moment. Of me and my cone.


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