Gira Progress

I’ve finished conctructing the pipes that’ll pump water from the lower lake to the water storage tank by the lava river. It’s split into five sections (both symbolic and practical! :P) so it will fit into the back half of the Age. I’m regreting not bringing some metal down last trip since now (with the pipe construction) I don’t have anything to build parts for the water storage tank. I’ve decided not to try and find a Fusion compounder and Sprayer to make Nara, but instead elevate the bottom of the boiler a bit higher above the lava surface.

I’ve also built the supports for the large waterwheel by the falls. I already have most of the wheel’s paddles built and the axle. Another thing I need some metal for…

Lastly, I’ve closed off my Gahreesen from most use since the elevators are offline to allow me to use the power and I don’t want people tripping the circuits by turning them on. I still can’t figure out why that huge generator isn’t producing enough power.

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