I’m surprised fewer people weren’t missing from the Cavern for Mysterium. Sure, I know it’s just a meeting for fans of the Cyan games, but with the funding, support and advertising Cyan has done I would have expected to see a dramatic drop in people in the hoods and the City etc. But I didn’t. I saw about the same number of people as before. Sure, their names were different and they were in and out at different times, but there still were people.

I’ve noticed something about the crowds I see in the cavern. I’ve found I like one or two other people there, talking about some part of the restoration or something to do with their Ages or any cool little things they’ve found.

More than that and we start getting into topics I really don’t care about. Like cats or birds (or the topics from last night :P). Sure, I like cats and birds.. but I didn’t come down here to talk about them. I guess it’s all part of the community bonding or whatever. I just always feel so bad when trying to get people to explore other Ages. It’s like we’re glued to the hoods. We can’t leave! Some of the best times I’ve had in the Cavern were in Teledahn or Gahreesen or Kadish just hanging out with people, exploring things, watching as people discovered new things about an Age they hadn’t before…

It doesn’t work anymore, for me to simply go to an Age alone. It feels empty now. Like I’m fooling myself that I’m having a good time there.. When other people are there.. we could spend hours just running from one place to another and it would be exciting.. I don’t understand why. And I don’t understand why it feels so hard for me to ask people to do that..


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