Authorized Explorers

Alright! Authorized Explorers have officially been announced! The first fifty have gone to work, I would assume, and the DRC has said it wants to bring in people on a regular basis. Woo hoo! I’m really eager to get started (who wouldn’t?)! I’m a bit dissappointed that I wasn’t picked. Apparently I wasn’t first. Still… I’ll be checking my mail for that notice from the DRC.. (I just hope my mailer doesn’t break).

Spoken Word Night went… well… I think. It got pretty crazy there at one point, but it seems like things cooled down towards the end. There was a good crowd there tonight.. Very nice.

Lastly, I finished the last few blades for my large waterwheel in my Gira. I’m going to have to wait a bit for the materials to finish the actual wheel (as well as get some more storage for the electricity) for a little while. Some debris has fallen in my Teledahn and I need to clean it up.. (as well as put some support beams up by the slave caves.)


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