International Petition

*slips out of IC once*

From randomos on the Uru Live site:

Hi all,

It’s really important now, for folks who can sign up for GameTap to do so, via the ultra cool link GreyDragon set up at We really need to show GameTap that we’re willing to support the return of Uru Live (even though it’s not public yet).

Plus it’s over 600 games to while away the hours until you get into Beta! Very Happy

I’ve created a petition for the International members of the community, to voice their support and intention to sign up for Uru Live when it is available.

Please sign up here (International only):

And tell your friends! Our show of support goes directly to how well Cyan can support Uru Live!

And for those who have already signed up for GameTap, thanks. It makes a big difference, and thank you. We want to do every thing possible to ensure Uru Live’s success.


*slips back into IC*

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One Response to International Petition

  1. T_S_Kimball says:

    Already done. Though I need to re-install it elsewhere, it’s BIG after it does the initial setup.


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