I was exploring with a new explorer, Mr. X Plore (cool name), the other day. It reminded me that I hadn’t fully explored my Teledahn either. I’d been given the basics from Whilyam: Sharper owned it, kept secrets about what he found there, and shot Shroomie.

I have to say I never expected most of what I saw. Again I see signs of the DRC being totally unaware of what’s going on in their own Ages! (though, of course, Teledahn wasn’t theirs, but they still monitored it and missed all this?) The slave caves.. blood and chains and rocks and bones on the ground. What did they DO here? The second portion of the prison gives a good clue. Hang them by their arms to the roof. Gruesome.. I’d understand if Sharper wanted to hide the Age for fear the bottom portion would scare people away… The second large mushroom was also a total disaster. Rocks hanging above people’s heads, a fairly rikety old ladder, and no doubt those powders in the upper area are a whole host of drugs. Since Sharper seems to have once operated from this little office, it makes me wonder what he was up to up there…


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