Links, Authorized Explorers and a Surface Trip

First off, Cyan member Richard A. Watson (no relation to the missing Dr. Watson) has confirmed on the DRC site forums that the Authorized Explorers are doing well and that more are being accepted today. Three cheers to the DRC! Realize that they’re severely understaffed. To be working this fast is nothing short of a miracle.

Secondly, I’m adding a few links. One is helpful for planning surface trips: Weather Underground for Carlsbad, NM.

The second is a link to the DLF (D’ni Linguistic Fellowship). I’ve just recently joined and have found it very helpful in my D’ni translations.

Lastly, if the humidity holds off, I’m going to be taking a trip up to the surface for some supplies on Sunday. I might be back on… Tuesday. I need some relaxation time on the surface… all this news with the DRC is wearing me out!

.Shorah b’shemtee bihv


Edit: Weather was too sticky. I’m postponing the trip up ’till Wednesday… supposed to be cooler then.

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