Tips for beginner Explorers

Sitting in Ae’gura… Listening to a guy playing Hotel California… Drinking some raspberry soda..

Delayed my trip to the surface.. It’s just too hot and sticky. I WILL go up on Wednesday, though. I’ve got to get some supplies down here.

I figured it’s about time I wrote down a few of the things I do to customize and use my Ages so I can be more self-sufficient down here.. Most of this is probably already known, but… Oh well …

First off. Relto is completely insufficient for most of the basic needs.. It’s, in general, pretty warm, and has little storage space. The Age best suited for supplies is Gira. The caves in the back are cool and dry. I keep boxes of food in the first cave behind that door and supplies for construction or repair in the second cave. The far off cave (with the Journey cloth) I use as my bedroom. It’s dry and once I turn out the light I fall asleep really easily. True, I had to steal one of the cots from the DRC but they won’t miss one. 😛 I just don’t face the cave opening, otherwise I’d get woken up everytime the sun rises.


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