Went to a really cool (and spontaneous) meeting in Eder Kemo. Just started with about three people and others just kept linking in. I took this photo about when people began to leave. Nine in the picture, and I think there were a few behind me getting bugs. We all sat and chatted about surface life..

It was interesting when a lot of the group went into the cave behind the Bahro gate.. I learned a couple things I hadn’t confirmed before-hand. They’ve been known to abduct explorers who’ve touched all the Journey cloths and then entered the cave.. So long as I don’t touch the cloths, I think I’ll be fine.. However… perhaps I should take this Journey… Sharper took it andwas supposedly changed for the better.. The DRC, on the other hand, seem to be considerably less affected than I’ve heard Sharper or Henderson were.

Which reminds me. I talked to a few members of the Great Tree organization while Whil was away. They were very nice, and very… how do I say this tactfully? Normal? More “normal” than I would have expected from people who followed Sharper in doing violent acts of disobedience of the DRC.. Still, I think I see why events unfolded as they did. The DRC was more closed-off and secretive.. only coming by to reveal new projects. They were also too free in enforcement of their rules. Sawhorses and cones won’t stop determined explorers..

I asked Vortmax the other night about these things.. the enforcement of rules, etc. He asked me what my problem was with Yeesha’s stuff. Ha. Perhaps I should tell how I was called here.

Whilyam left about two years ago, right after the restoration closed. He didn’t tell me or anyone else where he was going, just that he needed to go away for a while. Before he left he was a normal, insane person.. fairly imature, I’d say. He came back soon afterwards saying he understood and quickly prepared to leave again in August of 2005.

After around six months, I believe, I got a phone call from Whilyam asking me to come to a specific spot in New Mexico. He told me how to get there and hung up. When I get to the spot (the land currently owned by Jeff Zandi) Whil was there. After a brief discussion, he told me to look around the area. To “follow the Journeys and talk to Zandi.” Then, as I was looking at a cloth behind a sign.. he disappears.. So I complete the Journey, finding all the cloths and open the tree. I examined the Relto book for a while, wondering what the linking panel was.. After a while, I touched the panel and linked…

When I first linked, I must admit, I was shocked beyond belief. I experimented linking over and over with the Relto book, curious as to what was happening. I met some people in the neighborhood I was placed in and then found Whilyam. I’m not sure why he didn’t explain D’ni and linking and why I was down here in the first place. Perhaps he knew I wouldn’t believe it. Either way, that’s my story.


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