The DRC has changed a few things for the better around the City. I was finally able to get my own hard hat. I certainly feel much safer in the pub..
Also, there’s a map by the DRC tent. Though it seems there’s a typo, calling the large buildings by the tent “Dakotah.” I was always told they were the Tokotah, where the DRC held meetings. Perhaps a Restoration Engineer who made the sign is from North or South Dakota and is really proud of it.
The firemarbles and “Eddie” the beach ball have been placed in the hoods to give Explorers something else to play with besides the cones.
Lastly, there’s some KI upgrades that will, hopefully, provide some more stability in the Lattice. Among these are updates to the MT Nexus invite system, data clearing of the “recent” portion of the KI buddy list (I have yet to see this work), and a new setting that lets people be heard (and their chat text seen) by everyone in an Age.

Edit: I say this and now the Lattice is down again? Ugh…


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