At last, the candidates (myself included) for DRC Liaison have been chosen. Things have gone relatively smoothly this time. No thousand polls, etc. Of course, there’s not as much discussion and the whole process seems lethargic. I wish we had been a bit more together last time.. Too many have left this community and I honestly can’t forgive them for that. It doesn’t do one bit of good to leave and take your voice in matters out. If I don’t like something, I argue against it. I don’t go run off, thinking my leaving will do something. Perhaps it would, but it would also break me away from those who I would feel are doing the wrong thing. I would also harm those who came after if it truly was a poor choice. I can’t do that. This is the best community in the world as a whole. My leaving would only serve to taint it.

Of course the last elections hit me hard, and I considered leaving. The above was my reasoning.

My actions, our actions, will affect this community and this world. I want to do my best, if wrong then wrong, but doing what I feel will help this community. Not “leave it to its own wretched fate” as Gehn so put it. If something is wrong it is my job, our job, everyone’s job to make it RIGHT. Not fall to the side and weep at the injustice done. I don’t claim to know anything, but I do know that.

This is… as much a consoling post for myself.. as it is a call to those who left. I know Soosi as being one of those who left a while back. I ask everyone who left to come back. Be a part of this. This community will die as sure as your voice does. To those who left, return, d’malah. When the Restoration hangs as it does, by a thread still, we don’t have the time for people who will give up and leave when people disagree. Stand up. Be heard. If it is wrong than say so. Don’t let it be a silent problem whatever it may be.

I guess that’s all I have to say. I wish we could have been more together last time. I wish a lot of things. I wish we could be more together now. Only good can come from it.

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