News from the Inside

There’s an article about the Restoration on IGN’s site.

They seem to think that the Restoration is a computer game, but I doubt that matters. I’ve seen this same delusion in most people that see the caverns. The first step towards acceptance is always denial, so… oh well. At least it gets the word out. I have a feeling the DRC will expect a lot of people to be helping them with their projects once the Restoration begins again…

What’s most interesting about the article is it seems there are KI shots from inside the newly restored Ages! This age (which I assume is Eder Tsogahl since this is obviously Eder Delin (it resembles a picture the Liaisons got from the DRC on their first day) looks really neat! It’s the first Age I can remember ever seeing a really clear, not hazy, fog-filled, cloudy, rainy, thudering sky! It looks almost like a park on the surface.

Hmm…and why not? The D’ni lived in caves… they’d love to get outside, I bet..
Though, that’s not always true. Most people love the conditions where they live. And the caverns stay fairly cool (I had to put on a fleece today, it’s getting colder down here).

Also… as of now, no sign of Arthur… No idea where he is at all.. I’ll check a few places tomorrow… see if I can find anything. It’s really getting to me.


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