Candidate Meeting aftermath

Both meetings went really well. Logs of the meetings are here (for the afternoon meeting) and here (for the night meeting).

Both meetings had pretty good attendance. Most of the old Liaisons (Vortmax, Graywolf, Gadren) were present at the first meeting and had some good insight on how they felt about their time as Liaisons. It’s important to point out, though, that the new Liaisons will have more of a demand on them (and the ones that come after this will have the toughest time, setting the stage for what we can expect for the rest of the Restoration). The first meeting was dominated mainly by the question “What’s a Liaison?” I think it was asked. . . four times? Five? Probably because new people kept coming in. Regardless, it was good, and the rest of the meeting was pretty much the Liaisons trying to help out the new candidates with what to expect. Which was pretty much anything. Despite all of us linking out and coming back, we still did a small bit of the meeting near the end where Vortmax told us about his experiences and how he’s worked with being a Liaison.

Then the second meeting. This was dominated by some good talk about the past election, the community, the many forums, and how the Liaisons work (of course with defacto question #1 “What’s a Liaison?”). I really liked the second meeting. We skipped a lot of the introductions and some of the preamble of the earlier meeting and went straight into questions that were really good, and in many case really hard. All in all it was an amazing meeting and I look forward to doing more of these meetings as a Liaison.


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