Wonder what happened to all the bickering on the DRC forum about the Liaisons? Don’t fret. It was just a bit late getting there. People bashing others, pointing fingers, showing problems, no solutions, major errors, questions, questions, questions. It makes me wonder. Why I didn’t leave there before.

People have left, I know. I wish they hadn’t but they did. Now I see people ripping them apart, questioning them, scrutinizing them with a flawed magnifying lens, asking them why they should be listened to, shoving their abandonment of the forum in their noses. Why? What possible good comes from this? If anything we should listen more to these people. Those that were disillusioned, who had left in disgust from the process. That they’ve come back from the brink is the greatest show of love for this community then I have ever known.

And yet we punish them, pick at them, make sure they never forget how they failed us.

Perhaps I’m looking too seriously at this. I feel frustrated. Frustrated at the DRC for their silence in this time of need, for their appalling apathy in the process THEY started. Frustrated at those who left, who abandoned the community they had been with for over two years even without the DRC. Frustrated at the community for their disgusting posts and for letting such abusive posts go without any reaction.

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