Chestnuts roasting over an open jacket?

This is questionable to me unless Ashtar can produce his secret source, but it’s not something I’d doubt about the DRC. Regardless of your opinion on Sharper, some of the things they did were not fair to the Explorers (taking Sharper off the pub in J’taeri, etc.). While obviously Sharper was doing some bad stuff (stealing books and other property of the DRC) It was nothing the DRC could have prevented had they gotten some people to actually report on Sharper and his activities. What’s more alarming was the source’s line “Where’s your hero now?” Refering to Sharper.

Let’s hope the Liaisons talk to the DRC at their next meeting about this. Who knows, maybe it was an honest mistake or something.

“Look, Marie got confused between the DRC crate labeled “kindling” and “Great Tree Jackets.”


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