Back to Racing

It seems the rumor of the DRC toasting the Great Tree’s jackets was just a rumor. They (I assume) still have absolutely no idea where they are, but we at least know they haven’t been fried… yet. Though as one poster said, setting fire to some jackets; while still hostile, is fairly low compared to what the DRC could do (strip access, perform ritual sacrifices, send attack cones).

Finally getting back to trying to get answers from the DRC about a few things. First was about the jacket rumor. Second, I’m seeing if the DRC will tell us what their plan is for Teledahn (considering Sharper is nowhere to be seen).


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2 Responses to Back to Racing

  1. Vortmax says:

    I had intended to ask if they’d found your jackets at the recent meeting, but completely forgot about it. I can PM Marie about it if you’d like, though I’m sure they haven’t found them if they haven’t said anything about it.

  2. Whilyam says:

    Well, these wouldn’t be MY jackets, but I understand what you’re saying.. I think. I thought the answer was a fairly solid “.. we haven’t heard anything..”

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