Heading to the surface to talk to some potential funders for my restoration efforts and supplies. They seem interested in funding my explorations down here, designs and stuff like that. Even some of the tech might be of use. I’m bringing up my KI, Relto, and a piece of Nara along with some photos of the cavern to try and interest them. I’m also going to meet with a couple friends to try and get their interest too.

Also going up for some of the supplies I couldn’t get before Thanksgiving. I got most of the food and liquid supplies I’ll need for at least another month, but I wasn’t able to get some of the tools I’ll need for restoration or construction. Lost a hammer and two screwdrivers in Gahreesen and I’m NOT going looking through that jungle for them.

Working on getting some preliminary designs up for a personal office age I hope to be able to write once the DRC gets some simpler writing tools out (or I at least learn how to write an Age).

I’ll be back down by Monday.


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