Back and changes

Back down early with news that the cavern is close to reopening!

I got some of the tools I’ll need to restore stuff in the various ages as well as a few raw materials I’ll need if my office Age comes to fruition. Still, I need more materials so I’ll have to go up later on in the week or something.

Meeting with funders went well. Nothing solid yet, but I think there will be in about a week or so.

Lastly, I switched this blog over to Blogger in Beta. Arthur’s account refused to convert over so I’ll have to do a few things and see if I can log him in. Until then, he can’t post here. I’m going to go over a few of the new features and see what I can do to improve the blog.


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One Response to Back and changes

  1. Arthur Kalnins says:

    Well thanks for letting ME know.. You zip back down here, don’t even get the stuff we need, and then lock me out of the blog.

    Well, since you’re incapable of getting supplies, I’m going to the surface for a few days to get the stuff. I’ll get the latest list off the imager.


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