From: Relto

Added a “Pictures of D’ni” section. Can’t upload the new background. That’ll have to wait.

Something new around the Caverns. Looks like Willow Engberg must have lost a soccer ball in Kadish, pretty cool to play with. She left one in the City too, though I think that one got stuck.

Just as a reminder, there is a Town Hall Meeting with the DRC (who, we don’t know) on the 19th of this month at 11 am Cavern time. That is 1pm EST for those like me who come from the East Coast.

Since the DRC is starting back up, I hope they’ll be able to answer some more questions this time. I hear something is being planned for that time.. Cyanists with ties to the DRC say it would be “worth our while” to be in the Caverns during the meeting, even if we don’t care about the Town Hall..

Hope to see everyone in the Caverns..


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