The Tree Remains


From: Eder Kemo

And I’m back… had a bit of a problem getting in touch with Whil and the KI system. DRC changed a lot after the “great linking”

Lost a lot of stuff. Ads for my investigations, a good deal of contacts which I’m in the process of rebuilding now, and of course many of the areas I’m interested in examining more.

DRC got their underwear in a knot over this linking thing. While it’s slightly disturbing, there’s not enough info around to classify it as something dangerous regarding the Bahro. As some suggested, the Bahro could have linked everyone out to protect them from whatever “damaged” the City.

The DRC seems to be back to its old games. An explorer asked on what authority they declared the Explorers had to wait for these Ages. Kodama replied essentially that they’re in control now and that the explorers should “watch what they say.” Fool. What power does he think the DRC have anymore? Hard-nosing the issue will do nothing more than inflame people and create more like Sharper. And without the proper defenses in place to actually make people OBEY the rules they set up, all this is just talk. Like before, anyone can get past those barriers (some were even in the main courtyard when Kodama was there… he asked them what they were doing back there and didn’t do anything after that. :P). The DRC haven’t changed at all if Kodama is anything to go by.. Though that could just be Kodama.. Laxman seemed pleasant enough when I read the logs, though, he IS the one that let explorers back unsupervised after the first DRC Restoration collapsed, so perhaps he’s more open to Yeesha’s side than Ikuro.

I should get going. Things to repair… and until I know more, I’m not taking the Journey again.. I’ll get the books from somewhere else, though (steal them if nothing else, DRC needs to put out public books). Whil’s Journeys were left intact, but mine have reset themselves… I’m taking that as a sign..

Arthur Kalnins

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