Hatchet Burying

From: Uru Obsession’s Bevin

I’ve gotten pretty testy at the DRC lately, with Kodama’s comment to “watch what you say” when it comes to defying the DRC. Still, I’m beginning to think that there’s a point where you just have to let things go. The DRC have changed an awful lot, coming to the City, and letting us know how things are going. I saw no mention of this from the first DRC restoration.

So for now, I’m just going to let the DRC do its work. They’ve just gotten back down here and had to deal with whatever on the 19th. So I’m sure they’re busy and anxious to get things open.

I’ll try to get down to D’ni at some point soon… I’m busy getting things ready to go for when I link to the surface for Christmas.


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