Christmas Time

From: D’ni Riltagamin

Spent a few final hours down last night before linking up to the surface. vid was supposed to send me some pictures he took last night with his camera in Sharper’s office. We all posed around a Christmas tree set up in the office and vid and a few others took pictures and afterwards we examined some of the stuff Sharper left behind.

Now I’m up on the surface. Managed to transfer a picture to my laptop before I headed up (posted). It’s a lot less hectic now, sitting here with my drink (1/3 Cola, 2/3 tonic water) in front of the fire and the tree.. Still, I’m looking forward to coming back down.

Just checked up on the Yankees… bad year last time… It’s not a super team, but they did keep Pettitte for what it’s worth.. and the new deals, Igawa and Miranda sound like they might add some life to them. We’ll have to see..

Merry Christmas

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