To Cate

From: D’ni Ae’gura — Ferry Terminal

Recent events down in the cavern have revealed that the secretive “Cate” is somehow doing an overhaul of the DRC, making it more strict. Even the DRC are wary of her, not doing anything or saying anything that relates to her. This has led me to worry about her ideas and intentions with the DRC. I posted my thoughts on the DRC forums as it was said she sees the forums and I posted the following. The following can (by Cate’s choice of actions) be titled either “To Cate, with Love” or “To Cate, with Hate.”

I’m not upset with the DRC over this. I see them much more than they ever were seen the first go around. I AM upset with this “Cate” for what I see as a blunting of the openness the DRC has been showing by running things “like a business” keeping things strict (more strict than before) and limiting info people can give out to the explorers. This is not the way to gain help from the explorers.

I’ll be blunt, since I bet Cate is watching this:

The course you are taking with this, Cate, will not end in a more organized or better run organization, but instead lead to fragmentation of the explorer base and hinder Restoration efforts. People within the organization will become disillusioned and “defect” as White, and Simpson (as well as Sharper) did. Their actions outside of the organization’s influence will hinder restoration and potentially cause injuries or deaths (whether intentional or not). A hard line, strict stance when it comes to the Explorers and the information that can be given to them will only serve to repeat the events of the previous restoration. It will harm you, the restoration, and the cavern itself by its divisive nature.

Furthermore, any claims to ownership of the Cavern, barriers, books, should be carefully thought through. Explorers can access portions of the City and All released Ages without the DRC’s involvement.

I look forward to an announcement, and perhaps a few answers to my concerns soon. I hope to be proven wrong.


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