New Year

From: Kadish Tolesa

First off, Happy New Year, everybody.

We celebrate the New Year because we like to see something start anew, we like to think of the new year as starting from a clean slate. To start anew on losing weight, or getting a job, or being nicer, or being good to yourself, or being good to others. We’ve given this time to ourselves as a time to look back at who you are, who you were, and think honestly and decide what needs to be changed. These past years, past years since I came down to here have been both the most turbulent and the most amazing years of my life. The Journeys I’ve taken, the Paths I’ve walked, the Growth I’ve seen in D’ni and in myself make it amazing, make it all worth it.

So in this time of reflection and restart, take a look at a person you know; a friend, a lover, a relative, and tell them they’re special and that you love them. There truly is no greater gift to give.


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