Re: oh good grief

I agree, Eleri. There’s far too much second guessing about the DRC, mainly I think due to the perception that it’s the “in” thing to do. Say what you will about Sharper, he was charismatic and gathered people to him. The effects of what he and the Great Tree did are still affecting how people percieve the DRC.

I’m hoping that this has nothing to do with my investigations. I’ll assume this thought is horribly egotistical of me, but either way, I’ll be focusing my questions on more unique topics.. I encourage others to do so too. Like it or no, the DRC are in charge and are liable for what happens in the cavern. This means they have to make tough decisions that we may not like. Of course they could be hiding something, but to think that all the time and not think logically about this is irresponsible, particularly if you think as I do that we all have a stake in the cavern.

So long as the DRC stays away from threats like Kodama’s “we control the books, we control the barriers, I’d watch how you talk.” I think everything will be fine. Neither side can offord to be too irrational or radical in this and thinking the DRC are always hiding something is using some past events as too much of a template, a window through which you see the DRC, than I like. Yes the DRC has done some bad things, a few bad choices, and some blatant lying in the past. However so did people on all sides. Sharper lied and Yeesha used people to her own ends. In the end, we’re all only human and sometimes make mistakes. We’re also only human and can forgive.


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  1. John Lynch says:

    I’m one of the people who have been questioning the DRC lately, however I assure you I’m not doing it because it’s the “in” thing to do. In 2003 and 2004 the DRC had my complete support and I was a vocal detractor of Sharper.

    Then in 2005 while the DRC was gone I saw some things that made me question the DRC’s actions. I don’t call for them being removed from the Cavern (in fact I’ve been pointing out we need them) but nor do they have my unquestioning support that they enjoyed in 2004.

    Since I returned in 2006 I’ve been cautious of the DRC and at the moment with them not having any rules like “don’t use non-DRC approved books” I’m carefully exploring with them in the Cavern. I’m much more critical of Yeesha, but I do think they’re hiding some things, especially this Cate. And so I’ve made my concerns known in appropriate threads on the forums in appropriate times to encourage others to find out answers to my questions. I’ll be looking for my answers myself in the coming weeks and months.

    The Where is Dr. Watson campaign is because they’ve had (what IMO appears to be information, if I’m wrong I’ll be content at simply clarifying what was said) 8 months of sitting on information they have and won’t tell us. 8 months is long enough for information they assured us they would tell us 😉 At the very least they can give us a date on when they’ll tell us. Because right now they seem content to wait indefinitely before telling us.

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