New and Shiny

From: D’ni Ae’gura — Tokotah Alley

As promised at Cate’s meeting, there are a few cool new things. The barriers at the top of the Great Stairs have been removed (the Nexus terminals still don’t seem to work properly, though, as I had a difficult time getting my KI to accept a link from there.) It’s also possible to climb over some of the rubble by the Hall of Kings and get access to the Palace Alcove Nexus terminal.

The Hall of Kings now has almost all the King books… I know this was done before at some point in the restoration, but to see them all here now is incredible..

Seems as if a large amount of debris has fallen or found its way to the plaza off of the Palace, blocking access to the T-junction and the east side of Ae’gura.

There’s also a new t-shirt laying on the table outside of the small tent below the Great Stairs. I picked up one for myself and one in Arthur’s size as well.

The Docks by the Ferry Terminal have still not been opened, which is curious. If the Tokotah is ready, why not the docks? Either way, I expect we’ll see the barriers coming down fairly soon. Cate certainly seems to be pushing the DRC.. I just hope she doesn’t push too much or too hard.


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