From: Uru Obsession’s Bevin

The Islands Relto page showed up today in the hoods. Seems like the Bahro/Yeesha are at least putting stuff back, unless the DRC is doing it.

Which makes me think, if the Bahro intended the events of the 19th to be some show of power or threat, why give us back the gifts for our Reltos? Perhaps they did more of a hard reset ofthe cavern to try and stop this new destruction? Many unanswered questions..

The Liaisons posted a log of their rushed initial chat with Cate. As usual, there are people bashing them for not posting it the second they got it… Never mind that the log had nothing of any use in it. I think I can understand some of the Liaison’s frustrations..

On a better note, I’ve gotten basic concepts of my office Age drawn up. I’m not the best artist in the land, so I’m going to try and make them less rough and then maybe post some pictures. On a bad note, I still haven’t come any closer to learning the D’ni Art.. Soon, maybe.. I hope.


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