Time for Answers: Part One

From: Teledahn

Well, considering all the frustration the Liaisons are now having, I felt it was time to do something. The DRC has been very quiet to the Liaisons, needing to be badgered into responding, I hear. The Liaisons have pestered and pestered as best they can, but I’m not hearing much is going on. So… At one of tonight’s ResEng-led tours, after the tour was over and it was question time, I asked (in what I hope was a polite-but-stern way) this question…

(01/08 19:29:05) Chat.log started…
(01/08 19:29:30) Whilyam: Will the DRC start giving more information or being more responsive to the Liaisons?
(01/08 19:30:05) ResEng W. Cowart: I’m not sure how you mean, Whilyam. Could you clarify?
(01/08 19:30:34) Whilyam: Well, are the main DRC going to …frankly… give them any information at all? Why aren’t they part of the regular tours?
(01/08 19:32:17) ResEng W. Cowart: Well, I’m not really privy to information like that…but as I understand, the Liasons need to contact the DRC directly through drcsite.org.
(01/08 19:32:30) Whilyam: With all respect, they have.
(01/08 19:32:37) Whilyam: Many times.
(01/08 19:33:12) ResEng W. Cowart: I’ll try to get a hold of someone in regards to that…see if we can come to a resolution.
(01/08 19:33:18)Whilyam: Thank you.
(01/08 19:33:40) …Chat.log stopped.

The ResEng swiftly moved onto another question (not that I’m saying this was deliberate). If I didn’t feel it would have been rude to interrupt the next question, I would have followed up with this: Not trying to be a troublemaker, but they have been there for a year.

Two terms and the Liaisons have gotten precious little aside from the Town Halls which provided some useful information. They are unresponsive to the Liaisons, prefering to go straight into the City as they did before. True, more often, yes. It’s nice, yes. It is a beautiful improvement assuming that this recent lull is the exception than the norm. Yes. However, the Liaisons have tried their best to provide information, tried to ask questions, tried to get meetings, tried and tried. And yet? The DRC is still fairly quiet to them. Why? They set up the Liaisons (yes, we voted them in, but they started the position) and now they are not doing their half of the deal.

I said a long time ago that the Liaisons are a bridge, high above a chasm. Each side must do its fair share: the explorers ask questions and answer those of the DRC, and the DRC asks questions of the explorers and answers them as well. If one side doesn’t do what it must, the bridge sags, it tilts downward. And then they both fall away into the chasm.

The Liaisons were created as a way to help the DRC be more open and for both sides to know what the other was having issues with. This does not appear to be the case anymore.

The DRC has routinely said they are busy and that is why they can’t answer/do some of the things we ask, and we’ve seen that with some of the DRC’s restless nights getting things ready. The problem with this is that, sure, regular explorers… really shouldn’t count on that the DRC will answer their PMs… However. The Liaisons are here at the choosing of the DRC. The DRC talks to and deals with ResEngs and others every day. There is no reason the Liaisons could not be incorperated into the “morning routine” so to speak.

For me, this is a (long) topic where I (and hopefully others) can post some answers or questions to get the DRC to talk to those we elected into place. It is time the DRC used the Liaisons for the purpose they were elected for. It is time the DRC *made* time for the Liaisons.

It is time for answers.


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