The Great Zero: Delays

From: Teledahn

Cate came into the City yesterday, looking for Laxman. Apparently she’s not too pleased that the Great Zero will be delayed. She sounded like she was ready to murder Laxman.. Not too good. As I pointed out before, pushing leads to nothing but stress and shoddy repairs. If this continues, expect revolting DRC members and some accident caused by Cate’s rushing.

Aside from that, I found something interesting in Teledahn. If you look closely at the KI picture I uploaded (my apologies for the quality) you can see a spiral cross symbol. That same symbol is repeated at the end of the same stretch of pipe. I wonder if this is new, or if it’s just one of those things you find even after going over the Ages a hundred times.

In more news, I’m finally working on getting supplies together to start construction of stuff for my new office Age. The only problem now is that I doubt the DRC will put out much if any information about the Art and even then, I’d like to be able to work with D’ni materials instead of using mine since the D’ni materials seem to hold up better. (It was only by chance I was able to snag a few fire-marble containers, I’d like to do things more.. legally)


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  1. CHIC-HANDSOME says:

    good year

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