From: D’ni Ae’gura — Docks

Well it appears my question to the ResEng got at least some attention. Cate met with Vortmax in the Liaison’s hood and gave him some news. The Docks in Ae’gura have been re-opened. The Great Zero has been delayed until late this week or early next week. The new age, confirmed as “Eder Delin” will probably be out late next week. Eder Delin will be the first new Age seen here for over two years!

Cate also confirmed she is NOT with the DRC.

In other news, some of my modifications to Eder Gira have broken down. The supports weren’t strong enough. Since I’m getting enough electricity from the paddlewheel and from some of the other Ages, I’m not going to be re-installing the boiler. I’ll get some equipment and work on removing it before melts or blocks anything.

Found another fire-marble container. Have to figure out how to make some of these myself. Working on some of the stone supports today. While I don’t anticipate any help from the DRC for at least a year, I can at least get some stuff together so I might not have to do so much when I DO get help. If things go as planned, I’ll be doing a lot of work getting the structure together.


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