Great Zero

From: The Great Zero

Great news. The Great Zero (get it? Great news? Let it sink in… Oh why do I bother..) The Great Zero was opened today!

Since the last few times I’ve gone to the GZ have been by myself, it was quite a shock to see several people in the Observation Area (no longer a nexus link, looks like the DRC are using some of Yeesha’s tech to simply give us a page in our City book!). I got my KI and the nearby marker and snapped this picture.

This morning, when I processed the picture, I noticed that while the distortion was still there, the noise and burnout was considerably less than in other pictures. I hadn’t saved most of my pictures from earlier, but it seems that this most recent calibration has cleared things up considerably.

One other thing. I went to Gahreesen last night and found a strange little light. It looked like a drunk Kemo firefly, flying around in a figure-eight, but it sounded like some sort of sparkler/firemarble and was spitting little sparks out.. On top of that, it was flying over a symbol identical to the one on the large stone in Relto. When I went to grab it, I heard a sparkling sound. A visit to Relto later revealed a lantern on the circle stone with the D’ni symbol for 1…

Still checking the Ages..

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