Ticking Closer

From: D’ni Ae’gura — Baron’s Office

The Ahyoheek tables are now working properly! People are having fun playing and all seems to be going much better. In a bout of wonderful news (a coup as Tweek put it) the old Liaisons have formed a news association to spread news and help keep the cavern informed. The Liaisons are dead, long live the Liasons. Good to see the whiners didn’t win!

In more good news, the brand new rest Age, Eder Delin, will be released tomorrow! I will be in the cavern as much as possible tomorrow and hope to see this Age for myself.

In other news, I’ve taken a break from getting raw materials ready and went to look at the Great Zero. I took along a good camera and got a great shot (the one I’m uploading was taken via KI, obviously. Noise is almost gone now, but I am getting an odd “burnout” effect on the images. Definately got better with more calibration. I’m already working on making a promotional poster for Uru using the image I got.


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