Eder Delin

From: Eder Delin

Wow… simply amazing.

Thought we wouldn’t get Delin yesterday. There was a mix-up with the placement of books and the DRC had a problem with accidentally releasing Eder Tsogahl. They quickly took all the books back and then placed Delin books in all the hoods.

Before then, however, I got some information. There was a visitor in the City (who I’m keeping anonymous for now, but we’ve gotten info from him before that was good). He talked about a new age, mostly water, with amazing creatures in it. D’ni were apparently using it to harvest energy. It was supposedly “on track” but apparently may be suspended.

Also, Sharper has called Cate. No idea what was said, but perhaps he’s coming back. Maybe he can counteract what I see as a dangerous pushing from Cate.

But back to Delin. The age is incredible! Like a cross between Kadish and Kemo. There are seven cloths with a spiral pattern printed on them and a large gate that displays symbols. I was with a team of people who figured out how the gate opened and got through last night. Then this morning I came to UO’s Delin and helped a few people get through as well. Very odd..

I snapped a picture from the same angle as Marie did back when Delin was first announced.
Beautiful. Well worth the wait.


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