From: Eder Delin

I’m seeing a disturbing trend in the Cavern recently with Delin. This new “spiral journey” seems to have little significance and nothing in the way of an explanation. No speech apparently, just some teaching of togetherness, etc. The massive groups completing this journey seem unaware or uncaring about any potential dangers this journey may bring. Look at the power of the first journey, to free a creature enslaved for thousands of years. Now, why fufill this journey when that same power may be going towards the “destruction” that is reportedly coming.

On another note: This news that Sharper may be returning is equally disturbing. Like many in the cavern, I had a dream that told that “he” comes.. this “he” appears to be connected to the destruction.. and with Sharper, it doesn’t take too deep a look into the past to see he is capable of harming things, of destruction. The Shroomie, the pub, Phil, not to mention the many books and artifacts stolen. However, if he’s talked to Cate… then perhaps she can put him in his place. Maybe he can be a janitor. Perfect place for the man.


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