The Torrent of Stuff

From: Eder Delin

Looks like the Bahro and the DRC are really getting back in business (with the full and proper opening of the City coming on the 15th). Yesterday, Yeesha struck first, placing the Teledahn dock link (and associated Relto page) back in place as well as a page in Eder Delin which gives a bench to Relto. Today was the DRC’s turn… Not quite as spectacular (though spectacular and DRC rarely go together). Michael was in the City today and helped us all do some wonderful long-distance jogging running between the broken bridge and the area by the Library courtyard. The wooden bridge was eventually replaced and the barriers by the bridge taken down (for a brief time, some barriers were down at the base of the great stairs).

Michael apparently didn’t like the fact that the bridge was returned. He said it was “disappointing” and that he was the only one on the DRC to oppose the bridge being replaced. I’m surprised that Kodama of all people didn’t want to make sure everything was safe before going ahead. Michael shares my worry that these “pushes” the rushing to get things done faster and faster may eventually cause an accident.. Sounds like there’s a lot of issues inside the DRC. Michael uses the word “disagreements” Nick uses the word “yelling.”

In better news, I had a meeting again with my funder and they seem to finally be interested in looking around for a bit. I’ll be giving them private tours through some of my Ages next week.


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